Taxsaver Calculator

  • Use our calculator to find out how much you can save with a Fingal Express taxsaver ticket
  • Simply select your ticket type and tax rate from the drop down menu and click “Get Price” to find out how much you can save!
  • Universal Social Charge is set at 5% and PRSI rate is set at 4%
  • Please note PRSI rates vary depending on your contribution class
  • Example: Assume the annual cost of a Swords Express Taxsaver ticket is €1,399 and that an employee is earning €20,000 per annum. Instead of the employee buying the ticket for €1,399, they agree with their employer a salary sacrifice of €26.90 per week for the cost of the annual ticket - this equates to €1,399 for the year in which the employer pays for the ticket. The employee will not be charged tax, PRSI and USC on the portion of salary sacrificed. The employee will only have tax, PRSI and USC calculated on the employee's salary minus the salary sacrificed (€18,601).
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