Changes to Tax Saver Order Procedure

Fingal Express tax saver ticket


The good news is, employers can still order a monthly Fingal Express tax saver ticket for their employees using our simple online form.


We have updated the order cut-off date for a tax saver monthly ticket to the 21st of each month. While we will work hard to dispatch orders after this date on time, it is important to note that there is a risk delivery may be delayed.


If you are an employee, you must order your tax saver ticket through your employer prior to our cut-off date. The ticket cost is deducted directly from your Gross salary which can result in savings up to 52% dependant on the ticket type and the employees tax band.


Here’s an example of how an employee can save when they purchase their tax saver ticket through their employer . . . .


Assume the annual cost of a Fingal Express tax saver ticket is €1,399 and that an employee is earning €20,000 per annum. Instead of the employee buying the ticket for €1,399, they agree with their employer a salary sacrifice of €26.90 per week for the cost of the annual ticket – this equates to €1,399 for the year in which the employer pays for the ticket. The employee will not be charged tax, PRSI and USC on the portion of salary sacrificed. The employee will only have tax, PRSI and USC calculated on the employee’s salary minus the salary sacrificed (€18,601)


See how much can be saved using our Fingal Express tax saver calculator.


For more helpful information, we added some frequently asked questions to our website.


If you have any additional queries, please email us at and add “tax saver query” in the subject line.